Tulip stories

While tulip season has way passed, my tulip series (on instagram a few months ago) is still very much due here. They're just too good to forget about them! It's a series about the older the better. The more imperfection, the more interesting.

Enjoy xx

Photos taken with iPhone.

Casa Mãe

We decided to skip Blue Monday and take off for some sun soaking and recharging in the Algarve, Portugal. Neither of us had ever been. And now we keep on asking ourselves, why have we never been before?!

In the heart of the historical center of Lagos we found this Oasis called Casa Mãe. As they say themselves, it is definitely more than a hotel. They support Portugese designers and sell so many goods at their shop Loja. And while it was super low season, we were lucky to have the cooks cook vegetarian suprise meals for us (harvested from their own garden!) in their restaurant Orta. We got to spend time with and talk to the super kind staff. Share passions for food, wine and coffee. Their friendliness and service was endless and they felt like friends by the time we left.

The Casa really did feel like a retreat, an oasis and interior design heaven. They are finishing some more goodness on the property at the moment, I cannot wait to go back and see.

I will let the photos do the further talking.

Casa Mãe discovered through Petit Passport

Book your own getaway at Casa Mãe here :)

Pretty Fall

Whoa Fall is here and it's been pretty. Mostly. The sunny days are gorgeous, rays of sunlight shining bright and making the leaves turn colour. Bright golden, moody red, shades of orange... Impeccable. The colder days make me long to the indoors and to 'knus' and 'gezelligheid' as we say. We were hoping to throw a late summer dinner party but as the everlasting summer did come to an end, we decided to shift into the new season and to prepare for a Fall colours dinner party. 

Everyone brought some Fall colours to the table and my friend Marije Pasman and I decorated the table into a fall coloured scheme. Hope you enjoy the photos and I hope that it will inspire you to throw a cozy night in for your friends as well. <3

Styling by Marije Pasman and me.